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Lifecycle of Java Server Pages

In this article, we look into the life-cycle of Java Server pages (JSP) along with its phases descriptions. Also, we see the flow of JSP handling the request and in what phases it goes and what would happened at the end after serving request.

Java Server Pages
Java Server Pages (JSPs) are a simple but powerful technology used most often to generate dynamic HTML on the server side. They are a direct extension ofJava servlets with the purpose of allowing the developer to embed Java logic directly into a requested document. Using JSP Expression Language, you can develop powerful dynamic web pages powered by Java servlets without any Java code. A JSP document must end with a .jsp extension.

JSP page is processed in several phases during its lifecycle. Following table will describes all the phases of the JSP lifecycle.

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Revise your Servlet concept with these 60+ question

In this post, I’m gonna provide basic Servlet concepts with few diagram, so it will be easy to understood and remember. I hope you like these exclusive question-answers and if you like it please share or comment !

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