The Data Access Object (DAO) Design Pattern

In this post, we’ll see the basic of DAO Design Pattern, how to implement and what advantages it provide and it’s use.
Suppose you are at Disney land with your family or friends and you decide to take a ride on carousel. You see a big panel with so many buttons for operating the carousel.You ask the operator to start the carousel, adjusts it speed and stop it. The operator who know how to use panel, follows your instructions. He is providing you abstraction from the complicated operating panel. In fact, if you go to different carousel in other fair, you can instruct its operartor in the same way and the operator will follow your instructions in the same way even thought his panel is different from that of the first carousel. In essence, you and your family enjoy can take a ride on any carousel without understanding its operating panel because the knowledge to operate the machine is abstracted by the operator.
The Data Access Object pattern provide you abstraction in the same as carousel operator does in providing to their customers.

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